NB3 Foundation Soccer Programs

Soccer Programs

Through the Foundation, soccer has become the new “rez” ball and has been the sport to largely dominate the lives of Native American Youth on reservations worldwide. San Felipe Pueblo is the home site of the NB3 Foundations evidence based model program. Using soccer as a mechanism for positive change, the soccer program incorporates strong messages of physical fitness, cultural identity, leadership development, and obesity prevention into the communities only after school program. This program served more than 200 youth ages 4 – 18, 28 weeks a year during the spring and fall soccer season, and more than 500 youth were engaged in summer programming. Foundation soccer staff serves as community organizers, going door to door to recruit player and volunteers in order to build support for the program and its mission to make a difference in the health and lives of the youth served. Not only have the youth become interested in the game of soccer, but the parents are now showing increased commitment through their willingness to volunteer. Of the 40+ volunteers it takes to run the program in San Felipe, over 95% are from the tribal community. The volunteer coaches are without question the backbone of the program. The major goals of the soccer program:
  •   To promote physical fitness
  •    Cultural identity
  •   Leadership development
  •   Obesity  prevention

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